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My Story

I have been drawing on and off all my life, and studied graphic design and illustration at Bradford and Reading art colleges,

but after many changes of career it is only recently that I have come back to it full time.

Inspiration does not come every day but almost always arrives at unexpected times; engrossed in a film, talking to friends but mostly while gardening, which I love doing, even in the cold wet grim weather we regularly get in North Yorkshire.

I find the structure, colours, and textures of plants absolutely inspirational and strive to get down on paper

the essence of what I have seen in the garden.

All my work starts as a drawing and I go no further until I feel I have that right. It is often a long process and not always fun, drawing does not always go as planned first time, but finally getting the lines right, the curves and a natural composition gives me a buzz that is worth all the hardship. The completed pencil drawing is then reworked in ink then scanned into my computer and I work on composition (rarely using the full drawing) colour and texture. This process too can be laborious and if I am

honest I get less out of it initially than the pure drawing side but I find working on the computer allows me to use my imagination more than standing at an easel, painting, does.

Not everyone is in the market for buying prints so I like to make some of my work into greetings cards too. All the images selected for a card get a corresponding piece of poetry or relevant quote to accompany them. I enjoy researching these and I know straightaway when I have found the perfect piece.

I hope you get as much enjoyment looking at my work as I do producing it and look forward to reading your feedback.

Stephen Lennon

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