Umbellifer Environmental Policy


At Umbellifer we aim to produce our greetings cards and prints without having a detrimental effect on the natural environment. In particular, we aim to have as small a carbon footprint as possible and we constantly look for ways to improve our manufacturing and delivery processes to better meet this aim.

Here’s how we’re growing a greener business:

  • 100% of the design, production and delivery process of our cards and prints takes place in Skipton, North Yorkshire, making Umbellifer a truly local British brand
  • Our Everyday cards are produced on Forest Stewardship Council accredited board which, since Jan 2021, has been carbon offset using the Woodland Carbon scheme, meaning a percentage of the money paid for the paper goes to the Woodland Trust charity to plant native woodland in the UK
  • Our Wildflower cards are produced on 100% recycled board with 100% recycled paper envelopes
  • We don’t use foil or glitter on any of our cards or envelopes, making them 100% recyclable and compostable
  • Since November 2020, Umbellifer has used plastic-free ‘Jiffy’ bags, envelopes, packing tape, boxes and sticky labels, making its packaging 100% recyclable
  • When packing bulk, wholesale, orders Umbellifer reuses packing materials donated by other local retail businesses, minimising the purchase of new packaging and preventing unwanted material going to landfill
  • We are working with our supplier of cello bags and hope to be plastic free by the end of summer 2021 by using plant based (oil free), biodegradable cello bags for all our cards

If you have any questions about our environmental credentials or want to suggest ways we can become even greener, please contact us via the website or on social media.

Stephen Lennon – Artist and Owner of Umbellifer, January 2021